Krevis Basic 30 Rd Bandolier

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Krevis Basic Bandolier makes it easy to carry your shells comfortably on your torso through the field, active training, or in a home defense situation for quick reliable within reach ammos. The sling holds 30 shells and is constructed of high-quality nylon webbing with a belt-clip to hold your bandolier securely to the user.

  • Holds 30 shotgun shells for 12 or 20 gauge
  • The comfortable design fits perfectly around your torso and can be used on either left or right shoulder
  • Elastic loops keep shells tight to the bandolier
  • High durability nylon construction with 1.5" nylon webbing and 1.5" belt clip
  • Bandolier is not adjustable,  Fitting will vary from torso to torso