Ozark Magnesium Bar with striker

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Ozark Trail Magnesium Bar with Striker in hand, you will always be prepared when you need to start a fire. Its compact size and convenient keychain allows you to easily carry this firestarter when in need. Simply use the jagged edge of the striker to shave some magnesium onto your kindling, then use the smooth edge on the flint side of the bar to create sparks and ignite the shavings. This method of firestarting allows you to create fires even in wet and windy conditions.

Ozark Trail Magnesium Bar with Striker, Fire Starter, 

  • 2-inch block of magnesium
  • Integrated flint strike edge
  • Keychain included for easy access and portability
  • Lightweight and convenient fire starter
  • Great for camping, hiking, hunting, or other outdoor activities