Krevis Men's Light weight Elastic Stretch Belt

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Krevis Light Weight Elastic Stretch Belt

This belt is a great alternative to a traditional webbing belt. It’s crazy comfortable, super soft and very intuitive to use. This belt is designed to help you work-out your core and not feel constrained or constricting. The buckle is a slim design, not bulky. This belt is design with a plastic nylon organizer, closed end loop that doesn't leaves looses moving webbing. When you’re an active person i.e. golfer, tactical warrior, or everyday causal wear that need a belt that moves with you and stay form to your body; this is the belt for you. It is made of soft skin friendly material that does not irratates you. It will be the only belt you ever need.

  •  TOP QUALITY ELASTIC BELT & FLAT BUCKLE -- 30mm/ 1.2" wide men fabric woven (not braided) polyester elastic web stretches strap that enough to maximize comfort without sacrificing support. 
  • DURABLE PLASTIC BUCKLE - Men stretch belt has no metal, no leather. This full plastic belt will not set off metal detectors (good for traveling) Also, this flat buckle belt lays flat(invisible) under fitted tops to provide an instant slimming effect. Virtually no show belt under clothes.
  • QUICK ACTION-these plastic buckle belts are quick release that easy to buckle and unbuckle.
  • FULL ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT! This unique designer elastics belts for men doesn't use holes, so the belt size can be micro-adjusted to suit exact preference for comfortable and keeps your pants in place all day no matter when you squat down, Sit Down, Bending Down even Weight Fluctuation! Flexible Plus Size Selection: 1)110CM, fits waist size 24"-42"(US 0-14); 2)140CM, fits waist size 34"-52"(US 14+).