RT649P Waterproof Floating Portable Two-Way Radios (2pack)

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RETEVIS RT49P the best EDC floatable waterproof walkie talkie.  When you are depend on reliable communication during your outdoor adventures.  Take the RT49P walkie for your everyday activities for fishing, kayaking, hiking, boarding, hunting and other outdoor adventures. You want communication that won't fail on you when the weather changes from dry to wet.  Did we mention it was waterproof and floats!  If you ever loose your walkie while you are on your crazy adventures,  The RT49P can be easily spotted with it's neon green color, plus it will not sink to the bottom when you are doing water sports or activities (outta mind outta sight) knowing you will have reliable and dependable communication.

1, RT49P, the Effective IP67 waterproof walkie-talkie for water sports or extreme sports.

2, Floats and with Water-Activated Flashlight.

3, Great for teaching, or keeping in touch. Compatible to other UHF FRS radio units.

4, Built-in Flashlight with White LED Light